Spacewhale by Blackjet

Your planet got blown up. You're miffed. Time to make them pay.


You return home from a mission, only to discover your planet was destroyed by an annoying race of aliens. You chase a straggler down until you discover their planet and decide to make them pay for what they have done!
Spacewhale is a retro-inspired bullet hell shooter with rank progression, item drops, ship upgrades and more!
Choose between 3 ships, each with a unique strong point upgradeable over the other ships such as faster speed, more weapon upgrades or stronger shields.

Visit the forum to discuss!
Your fame will remain forever with your best efforts reported to the board of champions which you can get to at Leaderboard champions.



Windows XP/7/8/10
No demo
No demo
^Your anti-virus or web browser may provide a false-positive that this file is a virus.
This is merely the Inno installer to install the game. Feel free to scan the download afterwards.
*Available soon
+Tested in Chrome and Firefox. Works in IE but currently audio isn't supported.
&Extract via commandline using tar -xvf SpacewhaleDemo-0.1.tar


The Demo version of Spacewhale does NOT submit highscores to the Leaderboard. This is intentional. The demo version is also very old compared to the final version but gives a perfectly good idea of what to expect in the full game.

If you experience problems, please go to the forum and submit a bug!

Spacewhale has been tested on the following hardware:
Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux Mint, Mac OS X, Android 4+, Ouya. Still to be tested on FireTV.
You may require a separate install of OpenAL on Windows if you cannot get audio working. This is provided in the download package.

All Spacewhale assets, sounds, music and programming code are (C) Copyright